Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New Handbag

Hi everyone,

I'm so so sorry that I haven't posted in over a week, work has just been so stressful! Thankfully a bit of retail therapy has helped chill me out and well, feel better :)

I bought a new bag! I know that doesn't sound like the most exciting thing to read about but it's a massive deal for me! For 4 months I have hunted high and low to find a bag (at a reasonable price) that matches every single outfit I could wear (I just can't get my head round changing bags on a daily basis!), turns out Dune came up with the goods! It cost me £52 in the sale!

My favourite thing about this bag is how it has white, brown and black on it with the little bit of gold to just add a bit of style and class to the bag! It goes with everything and surprisingly holds a lot of stuff! I can fit a bottle of water and my lunch in it ( I'm too lazy to pack another bag ha) along with my makeup, purse, keys etc

I really can not comment on the longevity of the bag as of yet as I've only had it a week, but if my mums is anything to go by it'll be sticking around for a while!

I did buy some new clothes as well when I went shopping, as I have lost nearly a stone and a half in weight so keep an eye out for my OOTD's, I'm in love with my new t-shirts!

Again I apologise for a delay in posts! I promise to upload another one in the next few days for you, to make up for the lost time!

BethanyLouise xx

Friday, 21 November 2014

Macs Matchmaster Foundation Review

Hi everyone,

I know it's been a little over a week since I've posted, it's been rather hectic here at home! I'm going to be posting a review on Macs matchmaster foundation in no.4

This is my ultimate must have. I've never had a foundation as brilliant as this, I've tried studio fix, benefit, smashbox, rimmel, maybelline and more... This just gives the perfect coverage for day and is buildable for night too! The perfect start to your makeup collection!

I love the packaging! The sleek black box is minimalistic but goes great on any dressing table! I also love how the bottle itself has a pump that you can turn on and off! Hallelujah! Many times I've bought a foundation and accidentally squirted it everywhere - not anymore! The pump is extremely handy, I use about 4 pumps for a full face of makeup and maybe 2 for a natural day time look! It helps preserve your foundation and make it last longer!

This bottle usually lasts me around 2 months, which is a long time for someone who loves to apply it even when in the house  hehe :) I would definitely recommend going to a mac counter and getting them to match you up properly before buying the foundation though, as it can be a little pricey and you want it to be right! But it's worth it and I for one love it!

Let me know if you guys use this and what you think! 

BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Loving Tan Ultra Dark Review

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to post a review on loving tans ultra dark tanning mousse! 

Firstly I love the packaging! It's so posh and elegant and really looks beautiful on your dresser :) I ordered the mousse and the mitt as I like to use the same brand mitt as the tan - I just feel like the products work better :) the mousse is 120ml which at first I thought was only a small amount of product for £29 - I couldn't have been more wrong! The bottle lasts forever! I tan once a week and it lasted me 2 and a half months which is amazing for a bottle of tan - I know st tropez used to last me 1 and a half months and that was double the size! 

The mousse comes out very dark and scary looking but when it's applied to the skin it's the most natural golden brown colour! I used to care if the guide colour looked patchy but with this tan I slap it on, put my pjs on and go to bed without a care in the world - it always comes out even!  Below you can see the colour difference (though the picture doesn't seem to show the full depth of colour that you get). It is hands down the best tan I have ever used and naturally I am extremely pale! I don't tan my face as I suffer with dry skin so I use macs match master  foundation in number 4 to darken my face up on a daily basis!

I would recommend purchasing this tan no matter where in the world you are! They ship worldwide and the delivery isn't overpriced! It normally takes 1 and a half weeks to get to me from Australia and I live in the UK which is fabulous!

You can purchase it from

BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 2 November 2014

All about my nails

Hi everyone,

Todays blog post is all about my nails, how I've got them to the length they are and how I prefer to have them done.

Firstly, I always had acrylic nails with nail tips up until January this year when I realised I didn't like having something glued to my nail - so I thought I know I'll grow my nails! I started off having bio sculpture gel as an overlay on my natural nail and had them infilled every 2 weeks. As you can see from the picture below they weren't short but they weren't long (sorry about the quality it was taken on my phone)

Once my nails got a fair bit longer bio sculpture was too flexible and started breaking - along with my nails! This is when I decided to have acrylic overlays instead of gel - this allowed my nails to continually grow but have the protection that they need - and still look pretty.

I love having my nails done with different designs and colours and I love long square nails - I don't like the pointy ones that are in at the moment :( 

I can honestly say there is no quick fix for growing your nails - just patience! It's worth it so much for me and Ramona the lady who does them is fantastic at creating quirky designs! The picture below is my nails now at the perfect length for me - we based them on candy!

BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser Primer Review

Hi everyone!

I thought I would do a review on my favourite face primer to date. I honestly haven't found anything I love as much as this one. 

Firstly I love the packaging it's so cute! I got the instant pore eraser one because I suffer with visible pores and I love the flawless look, but you can get one in pink packaging which is for dark spots on the skin! My mum actually prefers that one as she has sun damaged skin and it covers her dark areas brilliantly! 

When I removed the lid I was very surprised - it has a thin nossle so there's no waste product. All the other primers I have previously used just blobbed out but this creates a nice bead on the back of my hand!

As you can see the product is clear and looks shiny yet it actually helps my face stay matte when I apply my foundation, so there's not always need for powder yay! I tend to find this size bead does my entire face nicely without leaving a greasy feel on my skin. 

All in all it's brilliant for prepping your face for your makeup and it helps it stay put all day no patches woohoo! I would definifely recommend this product as it is such a good product for such a great price! It cost me £7.99 for this tube and it seems to last a while - I have had it over a month and I apply it every single day! 

You can buy it from boots and SuperDrug in the UK.

Let me know if you try it and if you like it :)

BethanyLouise xx

Monday, 20 October 2014


Hi Everyone,

I have created this blog to share with you all my love of beauty products. I remember sitting on the floor at the side of my mum as a little kid, and just watching her change the way an outfit looked with just a bit of makeup. It was then that my love for makeup started.

I have become a little obsessed with buying products just because I want to try it out, but that's what makes this process so fun, finding that little gem that you've been waiting for..... and I want to share these with you, to help get your collections growing, just like mine.

I will be posting a variety of different things on here like:

  • Reviews of products
  • Makeup and Hair Tutorials
  • OOTD's

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and I will love any feedback given that can help me improve, and progress, in the blogging industry.

BethanyLouise x