Sunday, 2 November 2014

All about my nails

Hi everyone,

Todays blog post is all about my nails, how I've got them to the length they are and how I prefer to have them done.

Firstly, I always had acrylic nails with nail tips up until January this year when I realised I didn't like having something glued to my nail - so I thought I know I'll grow my nails! I started off having bio sculpture gel as an overlay on my natural nail and had them infilled every 2 weeks. As you can see from the picture below they weren't short but they weren't long (sorry about the quality it was taken on my phone)

Once my nails got a fair bit longer bio sculpture was too flexible and started breaking - along with my nails! This is when I decided to have acrylic overlays instead of gel - this allowed my nails to continually grow but have the protection that they need - and still look pretty.

I love having my nails done with different designs and colours and I love long square nails - I don't like the pointy ones that are in at the moment :( 

I can honestly say there is no quick fix for growing your nails - just patience! It's worth it so much for me and Ramona the lady who does them is fantastic at creating quirky designs! The picture below is my nails now at the perfect length for me - we based them on candy!

BethanyLouise xx

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