Sunday, 18 October 2015

My Slimming World Journey

Hello My Lovelies,

I know I have posted in the past about my weight loss story but I wanted to post a video about it too :)

Slimming world has really changed my life for the better! If you have any questions or want any advice or info then comment or message me on any social media platform.

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BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Anxiety And Why I have been Away

Hi Everyone,

Tonights blog post is a very difficult one for me to write. I never really expected to not blog for weeks and not be able to film for YouTube (all my uploads over the past few week have been pre - recorded).

I want to start from the beginning so you can understand fully what I have been going through. I started a new job 3 weeks ago tomorrow and it was a very hard thing for me to do. I knew I would be nervous but I didn't realise I would panic in a lot of situations to do with meeting people and that I would cry in the car on my way to my first day, multiple times. I thought it was normal to panic in such a way for the first day, so I carried on and didn't tell anyone how I felt.

As I got into my 3rd day these feelings didn't pass. Now I am not saying that this is the first time I have experienced these feelings. I have them a lot. I will list below all the situations that make me feel the way I do:

  • Going out alone.
  • Going to Pubs/Cafes/nightclubs where there are a lot of people.
  • Ringing people I don't know on a telephone.
  • Driving to places I don't know.
  • Getting on public transport.
  • Going shopping or to the supermarket
Basically anywhere that involves people or new things.

The feelings I am talking about start with an itchy/scratchy throat that then turns into I can't breath. When I can't breath I get knots in my stomach making me feel sick and tense and my hands start to feel numb. As this is happening I start to cry. The final stage of this is the room feels like it is closing in and I have to run outside or as far away as I possibly can from the situation. For example if I am asked to ring someone I normally just put that job to the bottom of the pile and say "Oh I didn't get round to doing that today".

This is not normal. I only found this out by speaking to family (they noticed that I was a lot more uptight and stressed) and then going to the doctor. I have never been so scared to speak to someone about these things as I have when I walked into the doctors surgery. It turns out I didn't need to be. The lady was lovely and gave me a number to call to get some counselling. She then went on  to tell my what I am suffering is Anxiety and Anxiety/Panic Attacks, which means I am mentally ill. To be honest I was heartbroken to hear that I wasn't "Normal" and that there was something wrong in my head. But it does make sense.... and I can completely understand what it is that makes me feel scared but at this time I can't say it out loud (sorry).

What I am trying to explain to everyone is I haven't had the confidence or the energy (as these attacks are draining) to write posts or film videos. I have been so anxious about filming/writing that its all become too much and I have ended up in a state. In the end I felt the best thing to do was take a step back and try with little baby steps to get back to what I used to be. I will film this week I am determined to so there should be an upload on my channel for next week. And I will write a blog post (though it will have to be friday evening now I work full time). 

Please please please bare with me through this difficult time. I am really trying but it doesn't happen overnight.

If any of you suffer out there with this problem please comment and let me know your tips/advice on how to control this.

Thank you my lovelies!

BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 4 October 2015

My September Favourites

Hi Everyone,

Please check out My September Favourites and let me know what you have been loving this month!

I will be posting a blog post in the coming week to explain why I have been away for a while!


BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 27 September 2015

My Top 10 Highstreet Beauty Products

Hi Everyone,

My latest video  has my top 10 highstreet products in it. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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BethanyLouise xx

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

M.A.C Mineralize Eye Shadow X4 - A Glimmer Of Gold Review

Hi Everyone,

So I haven't posted in a while as I have been so ill with my asthma. The doctors can't seem to control it and it is driving me insane! Anyway I aren't going to dwell on the negatives.. at least having time to recover has meant I can play with my eyeshadow palettes more :)

I rediscovered my MAC Mineralize palette in the back of my drawer. I couldn't remember the last time I had played around with it... so I did exactly that. All the colours in this quad are shimmery... infact that is an understatement... these bad boys like to shine! As you can see below there is a nice white/cream colour, a gold, a copper and then a black/grey.

I did my best to swatch the colours for you but for some reason they don't seem to show very well on my hand :( The white one doesn't really show as a colour it is more of a highlighter for the brow bone or even the cheek bone. I find the gold adds a subtle warm glow to my eyes.. perfect as a base or with a black liner flick over the top. The copper one is a little more deep and looks lovely all over the lid blended with the black/grey colour. 

I don't think these eye shadows are very pigmented but they are great for day time looks or to add over more intense shadows to introduce some sparkle and shimmer :)

As for the packaging I love it. I always love MAC because it is just so simple yet really effective. I love the fact that there is a mirror in the lid so you can do your eyes on the go.

I purchased this in the airport and it cost £18 so it is a little on the pricey side. The only reason I could justify the money was because of the sparkle. I would definitely recommend this to add to someones collection if they are looking for shadows that really shimmer and define.

I hope you have found this review helpful and let me know what you think of this product :)

BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 16 August 2015

L'Oreal True Match Foundation Review

Hi Everyone,

I really wanted to do a verbal and visual review of this foundation. Please watch it and let me know what you think :) If you enjoy it don't forget to like and subscribe :)


BethanyLouise xx

Monday, 10 August 2015

Lip Voltage Powerhouse Review

Hi everyone,

So I've been super duper busy with work the last few weeks and haven't managed to try many new things, however I have been applying my lip voltage power house 3 times a day for 2 whole weeks! 

Firstly I want to say this bad boy stings! It feels like licking chapped lips and putting tea tree into it! Once the pain starts to decrease and you look in a mirror you look like you've been punched in the mouth. My lips looked red and sore. It was such a good job I wasn't going out after the first time I put it on!

Anyways after applying 3 times for about 4 days the pain didn't seem as intense. Maybe it's because I got used to it, or maybe it stopped "working", I really don't know. 

I can't see any noticeable difference in my lip plumpness or fullness so I feel like this product is a con. It's packaging is beautiful - the silver stands off the red so much and makes you want to buy it - but really it doesn't do anything. In my opinion I feel like it is over priced for what is is £20 for a lipgloss that makes your lips look red and sore and sting like a B***h... No thanks. Don't fall into the trap thinking it will give you fuller lips. I wish there was a product out there that did but it seems lip fillers are the only way forward! 

Below you can see the lipgloss packaging and a before and after photo of my lips!

Have you tried lip voltage? What did to think? 

Before and after:

I won't be purchasing this product again.

Bethany Louise xx

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Would you rather..? Beauty Edition

Hi Everyone,

I really felt like recording a chatty video that lets you all get to know me that little bit more.

I also mention that although I said in my intro video that I was going to be posting tutorials, I struggle with the lighting aspect of things. If you watch the video it will explain everything in more detail.

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Bethany Louise xx

Sunday, 26 July 2015

My July Favourites

Hi Everyone,

Today I have posted my July favourites. I really am loving these products this month. Let me know what you are loving in the comments below. Don't forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed watching :)


Bethany Louise xx

Sunday, 19 July 2015

St Tropez Gradual Face Tan Review

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to review St Tropezs Gradual Face Tan. I really love this product as it helps keep my skin moisturised as well as keeping it brown.

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Bethany Louise xx

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Making A Novelty Cake

Hi everyone,

So it's my granddads birthday in 2 weeks and I've decided to make him a novelty cake. I love baking and want to do a course in decorating - but until I find one I guess YouTube is my next best thing! 

I want to make my grandad a carpentry cake that looks like wood flooring with a hammer, spanner, nails and a gum paste saw going into the side of it! 

Any ideas on how I could accomplish the perfect cake? I have bought all this today! 
A cake base thingy
A fondant mat 
Cake tin
Fondant smoother 
Disposal piping bags and tips

Also can anyone recommend somewhere for a great tip for cupcakes? 

BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Nivea Daily Essentials Skincare Review And Routine

Hi Everyone,

This is a more in depth review on the Nivea Daily Essentials range and how I use the products to get my skin to be the best it possibly can be.

Please check it out and let me know what you think..

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BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Review

Hi Everyone,

My newest video is now live! Don't forget to like and subscribe :)


Bethany Louise xx

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sorry It's Been So Long

Hi Everyone,

I am so so so sorry it has been so long since I last posted. A lot has been going on in my life and then we went away last weekend.

I want to start by saying I hope you don't feel like I have neglected you because I haven't! I was very ill with my asthma a few weeks back and I've been doing my best to get everything back under control. Stress hasn't helped with that but thankfully I'm much better now! 

I went away last weekend to Cambridge and it was a much needed break with my family! I loved it! 

I'm back now so expect plenty of posts :) 

Also I have uploaded my next video to YouTube! Please check it out :) don't forget to like and subscribe :)

BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 31 May 2015

May Favourites

Hi Everyone,

Check out my May favourites video and let me know what you think :)

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BethanyLouise xx

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Hi everyone,

I have been scrolling through my laptop and found my Sagrada Familia photographs from Barcelona and I thought to myself "I need to share these with everyone". This was one of the most amazing places I have ever been to! I got quite emotional when I walked in. Gaudi did a truly fantastic job on the design and the inside is just as beautiful (if not more) than the outside. I don't want to ruin the photos by adding too many captions so just scroll away and enjoy!

I would like to add that the photo below was taken whilst clinging on to the railing at the side and holding the camera out in front of me. These are the stairs coming down from the towers. I needed a brandy afterwards!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos! I really would recommend anybody to go to Barcelona just to see this. The only thing I would say is, if you are scared of heights in any way or have a fear of falling then be careful booking the towers. I booked the Nativity tower (the smallest of the two) and I didn't know that the staircase didn't have a hand rail in the middle. I am normally ok with heights but this scared me! 

BethanyLouise xx

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Slimming World Weigh In

Hi Everyone,

I got weighed tonight and I wasn't very pleased with my results. I did some SP Days and I gained a pound! I know I am now smack on target but I wanted to be bottom end. I have found I am quite bloated though... has anyone got any tips?

BethanyLouise xx

Monday, 25 May 2015

Rimmel Kate Moss and Smashbox Double Exposure

Hi Everyone,

Today I went shopping again, I really don't think my bank likes me very much! I bought the Smashbox Double Exposure palette and 2 Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks. One of the lippies is a bright orange/coral that I fell in love with instantly (for summer) and the other is more of a nude/peach colour which is perfect with a dramatic eye look.

Keep your eyes peeled for the reviews and of course some makeup looks!

BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 24 May 2015

About Me Tag

Hi Everyone,

My Youtube video is now uploaded and ready for you to watch. I wanted to do the about me tag so you can all get to know me a little better.

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BethanyLouise xx

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Youtube Ideas

Hi Everyone,

So today in the UK it has been a really lovely sunny day and it has really inspired me. I don't know if it's the vitamin D or the beautiful flowers in the back garden, but my brain is going crazy!

I have been thinking about my Youtube channel pretty much all day. I have filmed some chatty videos this week, which I really enjoyed doing. It got me thinking..... Maybe I should upload twice a week? One video will be a tutorial/review and the other a tag or just a general chit chat video. What do you think?

Also please let me know in the comments if you like the sound of the following idea...... To do tutorials based on Disney Characters. Sort of like a Disney series. Just the makeup looks of the main princesses, like Elsa, Belle, Ariel etc.

Please please please let me know what you think? And if you have any ideas of a tutorial you would like to see let me know :)

Bethany Louise xx

Friday, 22 May 2015

Bullying And What To Do

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking about writing this post for the past week or so, but I wanted to make sure I planned it properly so it's as helpful as it possibly can be.

As some of you know (and some of you may not know), I was badly bullied throughout school. During this period of time I didn't speak to anyone. Not even my parents and I had some very terrible thoughts of not wanting to live my life anymore. I couldn't understand why it was happening to me but I knew I wanted it to stop.

A lot of people told me when I was being bullied that it was a normal part of growing up. It isn't. You do not have to sit there and let people hurt you, whether it is verbally or physically, you don't have to let it happen and you can stop it. You will stop it.

The main thing I can say to anyone out there in this dreadful situation is do not feel like you are alone! There are so many different people you can talk to about this, your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues or even helplines that are designed to let you explain your situation. You have to tell someone about it, even if you feel like it's a really small thing, it will help you. If it makes your confidence low or makes you feel like utter crap then it's worth it. You wouldn't have a cough for a long time and not go to the doctor to get it checked would you? If it affects you it needs dealing with.

If you feel like the person you have told isn't listening to you then tell them again. If they still aren't go to someone else. You are not being a pain and don't ever think that you are, these matters will only get worse if they are left unsolved. You need to combat the problem. The person/people who are attacking you need to be made aware of what they are doing. You would be surprised at how many people don't know they are being mean or hurtful. You are helping them as well as yourself.

I found that writing a diary really helped me through. I would write a daily journal about what had happened to me and how it made me feel. I also wrote what I wanted to do about it. This helped me express my feelings but it also lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders because I had got my problems off my chest. I also used to write letters to my parents and tell them what was going on. I was too scared to speak to them face to face, so I would write it down and hand it to them.

If you are being bullied please tell someone. I want you to go away from this post and explain your situation to someone you trust. Even if you have to write it down in a letter for them just do it. Believe me it is the best help you can get!

Don't let them get you down. You are a person who deserves to do what you dream to do. Surround yourself with your family and friends and make yourself feel happy. Don't let anyone stop you from being you!

I completely understand what you're going through and I am sure so many others will relate. If you want to find out more about bullying in the UK then click the link below:

Stay strong and keep going, because it is worth it when you come out of the otherside :)

BethanyLouise xx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Weight Loss Journey

Hi everyone,

So yesterday I let you all know about my weigh in and how it all went but I have never really told you all about my journey to where I am, so I feel its a fitting subject for this afternoons post!

I started losing weight back in 2013. I was a new years resolutioner at the gym and I joined with my mum as we both wanted to get fit and tone up. I was unhealthy, overweight and my resting heart rate was 100 (which is high for someone of my height). I couldn't tell you exactly what I weighed then because I don't know. One of the things my first PT told me was to not focus on scales but on how well clothing fit so we didn't weigh in much.

My first few months in the gym were harder than I could ever have imagined! I was bruised, aching and exhausted! I felt like giving up at first because I wasn't getting results as quickly as I wanted them. After 4-5 months of regular exercise people started to notice my weight loss and I was super happy that I could fit into smaller jeans! I had always been a bigger size in most clothes so this was a massive improvement! Then after a year I was fitting into even smaller tops and trousers and I honestly felt great! But the thing was I got comfortable. I started to eat more rubbish again and thought because I went to the gym I would work it off plus more and still lose weight. I couldn't have been more wrong!

The one thing that will stick in my mind is going shopping for something to wear for my 18th. I thought I had been working so hard for so long that I would get into something tight fitting and feel comfortable. I went shopping with my mum and found the most perfect black jumpsuit to go out in and I took a small size in and my new normal size, thinking the small could fit because of the exercise I had been doing. It didn't. Neither did my normal size. I ended up coming away with the size I was after doing 4 months in the gym. I was heartbroken. I couldn't understand it!

I had my 18th and then decided I needed to do something drastic because I wasn't happy. I told my mum I was going to buy some shakes and live off them so I could slim down. She wasn't happy for me to do that and suggested we joined our local Slimming World. I thought about it and decided why not, it can't hurt to try can it?

It is hands down the best thing I did. I remember walking into group so nervous and scared about everyone judging me and that they were all going to call me fat and laugh when I failed. I was wrong. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, some on a continuing journey and others at the end. The consultant was amazing at explaining everything and then we sat and watched group. After that the new starters got weighed. I weighed in at 12stone 8 pounds, which is heavy for someone my height, and I had a BMI of 31 (putting me at risk of heart disease and diabetes). I wanted that to change.

I lost 4.5 pounds in my first week and I have continued to lose throughout the entire 9 months I have been at Slimming World. Some weeks I have had gains and maintains and others have been a small loss, but its all added up. I have lost over 2 stone with Slimming World and rather a lot of inches. I love the entire programme because you can eat what you want (even chocolate) and still lose.

I honestly would advise anyone out there wanting to lose weight to sign up and see how they go. It really works! If I can do it anyone can!

Below are my before and after photos!

BethanyLouise xx

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Slimming World Weigh In

Hi everyone,

So today at work I was dreading getting weighed tonight, mainly because I have been on steroids all week and normally I gain with them and because I had 2 flexi syn days! I am at target weight however I really wanted to be bottom end by the 12th of June as I am going away for the weekend and I want to enjoy it!

Well to my surprise I lost 0.5lb this week! So I am now only 2 pounds away from bottom of target! I know with the gym this week I could gain, so I am going to do a mixture of SP days and normal days (aiming to do 4/5 SP Days)

I will keep you posted with how I am doing and let you know some meal inspiration (though I am living off weetabix at the minute)

BethanyLouise xx

Monday, 18 May 2015

Loving Tan Ultra Dark Review

Hi everyone,

Yesterday my fake tan review went live yay! It's my most favourite tan ever and I recommend it to everyone! 

Check it out on the link below! And don't forget to subscribe!

BethanyLouise xx

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Soap & Glory and Colgate

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I am really quite unwell and I just felt so exhausted! 

Today I dragged myself to boots as I really needed a new toothbrush and I knew the Colgate C350 was on offer at £24.99! It's an electric toothbrush that compliments the Colgate max white range, so I bought the optic toothpaste whilst I was there.

I also bought some Soap and Glory goodies!! I posted a few days back that I bought the mini set of theirs that had the shower gel, body butter, exfoliant and hand food in, well I've been and bought the full size versions of all of them (except the exfoliant as I don't use it that much). I have literally fallen in love with the scent and how smooth my skin feels when I use the shower gel and moisturiser together! I did buy the pump version of the righteous butter as it seemed better value for money and it's easier to apply! I also bought the eyeliner of theirs which I will review once I have used it a few times but it seems pretty pigmented! 

It all looks so pretty on my bedding hehe! 

I will report back in a few days on my thoughts!

BethanyLouise xx

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nivea Skincare Review

Hi Everyone!

For many years now I have suffered with really bad dry skin on my cheeks, forehead and around my mouth, but my nose and chin area is where I suffer with oiliness and spots.  I have never understand how one part of your face can be so different to another and up until last year, how to keep it all under control.

I tried all sorts of different remedies to dry out my spots, like putting toothpaste on them or putting Sudacrem on them… they didn’t work. Then I tried different face washes and exfoliants ranging from Dermalogica, Clinique, and Elizabeth Arden. Still I was suffering with dryness and spots. Nothing was working and I was getting so frustrated with everything that I took a break from makeup for a while…. And again that solved nothing.

I was wondering through Boots with my mum one day and I saw that Nivea face wash and exfoliant was on buy one get one half price, and then I remembered seeing an article on the internet about Nivea VS Crème De La Mer and Nivea had come up trumps.  I suggested going halves with my mum and without sounding corny… we have never looked back!

The Face Wash Gel         RRP £3.89 UK
This face wash comes out in a gel like consistency (really like shower gel) but lathers up pretty well. I just take a teaspoon amount on my fingers, add a drop of water, rub my hands together and then rub all over a damp face. It removes all impurities and makeup (even night out makeup!) and leaves the skin feeling refreshed afterwards.  It contains Vitamin E & Hydra IQ which leaves your skin feeling enriched with moisture. The packaging is pretty simple and minimal but I wouldn’t expect anything else with it being so affordable. I do like that you can see how much product is left though!

The Gentle Exfoliating Scrub    RRP £3.99 UK  
The exfoliant feels very much like the gel but with little exfoliating balls in it. I love a good scrub to use 3 times a week and I love to feel it removing all the excess skin, it just makes me feel so much cleaner and like it’s actually doing something. I normally follow my face wash with this scrub, again I use a teaspoon sized amount and rub around a slightly damp face (avoiding the eye area) and focusing on areas that have broken out.  Again the packaging isn’t much to write home about but it is so affordable and I love that you can see how much is left in it.

Nivea Crème     £3.99 in Boots
After I have cleansed and exfoliated I use this very thick moisturiser. I only use it once a day, on a night.  I don’t use a lot either, just a dab on the chin, nose, cheeks and forehead and then massage in. I have to say I love it. It reminds me of a face mask but without having the hassle of washing it off 10 minutes later and I wake up in the morning with a glowing complexion that isn’t too oily. My skin looks and feels hydrated. Since using this as my night cream I haven’t had to prime my face for foundation, I can just go ahead and slap it on. It’s brilliant. I have had this 200ml tub for 6 months and it looks like I have barely touched it!

I can honestly say that these 3 products have turned my nightmare skin into something I could only dream for before. I am no longer dry on my cheeks, forehead and around my mouth and strangely enough I am no longer oily on my nose or chin.

I would highly recommend trying these products out. They are so affordable and are highly nourishing. They're available from major supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug and pharmacies.

I really hope you have enjoyed this review!

Till tomorrow my lovelies!
Bethany Louise x

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation Review

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all doing well today! I was looking through my previous posts and noticed a review I did over 6 months ago on Macs Matchmaster foundation, and thought it best to tell you all.... I do not love that foundation anymore!

I bought L'oreal true match liquid foundation and powder about 3 months ago to try, after hearing rave reviews from Lauren Curtis (an australian youtuber), and I fell in love instantly.

I have to say I am a bit OCD with foundations, in that I have to have the same brand of powder as liquid... I don't know how I got into this little habit, but I have never ever broken it! So when I was looking through the different shades of True Match the foundation, I picked up True Match the powder. The packaging for both these products is very straight forward. The liquid is in a glass bottle with the brand name in silver, true match written in white and then all the other forms of information in black. The powder comes in a compact and the writing is laid out exactly the same. I like that they are consistent with the layout and colours as it makes it easy to spot the products that are in the same line (I hope that makes sense).

The Liquid Foundation
I absolutely love the consistency of this product. It does seem really watery compared to Mac, but like the packaging says it is blendable and improves the appearance of the skin! I use 2 pumps of this on a morning and that covers all forms of redness, spots and gives me a flawless base. It doesn't have a  horrible perfumed scent (like Mac) which is a massive bonus! I find this product is definitely buildable for day and night, without it looking cakey. I always pump my foundation on to the top of a mirror/metal surface instead of putting it onto the back of my hand, this is because the product absorbs into the skin on the hand and I find I have to use more of it.

The Powder
I really like this powder, and I feel it compliments the liquid well. It sets my foundation base with ease and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and looking matte. I find when I have used this my foundation lasts all day with no white patches. If I am suffering from a cold/hayfever my nose area can look a little red, but it seems that L'Oreal have thought of this issue... the powder comes with a little sponge and mirror underneath, so if I need to top up I can! I always buy a shade lighter in the powder as I fake tan, and as my tan fades I like my face to fade with it.

I have had the liquid and powder for nearly 3 months now and I am only just running out. I have bought backups, (they're what I used for the photographs), so if one morning I can't scrounge anymore out I won't have to go without. The liquid foundation retails at £9.99 in the UK and the powder retails at £8.19. I think this is a really affordable foundation duo and at the moment you can get a 3rd product free, as Boots have got 3 for 2 on L'Oreal products.

So my lovelies go grab yourself a little treat and let me know what you think? Have you tried it, if so what did you like/dislike?

BethanyLouise xx

P.S - I really want to have little icons on my blog directing you to my Instagram, Youtube and Twitter but I don't know how to get them so I have popped the links below for you :)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel Review

Hi everyone,

So I posted the other day that I went on a mini beauty haul and bought a little Soap and Glory gift set for my self hehe :) I have been trying out the Clean on Me shower gel first as it smells so nice and says it is a body lotion in one. The packaging says Soft Smooth and Sexy skin whenever you want it and it contains natural mandarin peel extract.

I have to say it is fantastic! I love how my skin feels when I use this, it is so soft and silky smooth and I feel like I have moisturised in the shower. I have found it keeps my tan in good condition too! I am going to go out on a whim and say it is better than Dove silk glow and I have been using that religiously for the past 3 years.

The scent is amazing. It smells so fresh and clean, it might not be every-ones cup of tea, but I do love how amazingly long the scent lasts! I can still smell it on my skin the morning after I have showered.

Not only is the product itself just pure beautifullness, so is the packaging! I love how girly and cute this little 70ml bottle is. It looks nice on the side of any bathtub as decoration (I think mine will stay there!)

Even though the packaging just says shower gel, you can use it as bubble bath. I added 4 drops of this to running water and I had a moisturising, relaxing and gorgeous smelling bath!

I am definitely going to purchase the full size version of this product in the coming week, but I am going to keep this little bottle and fill it up regularly as I will use this for my bubble baths hehe!

I definitely recommend going and buying this product if you want moisturised and gorgeous smelling skin. It really is a two in one product!

The 70ml bottle in the UK retails at £2.50 and the 500ml bottle retails at £6.50. Currently Soap and Glory products are on 3 for 2 in Boots.. so go grab yourself a bargain!

BethanyLouise xx

Monday, 11 May 2015

Asthma Attacks

Hi Everyone,

I don't think any of you know this, but I suffer with bad asthma and today really reminded me of how bad it can be! 

I had an asthma attack at work which started with an intense tightening in my chest, plenty of coughing but most of all a sharp pain in my lung, every time I gasped for air. Normally my inhaler calms it and I can recover and crack on, but I couldn't. I was sat crying at my desk unsure of what to do. I don't like making a fuss and I like to get through things on my own so I kept my head down... Thank goodness a colleague saw what was happening and helped calm me down! 

Once I snapped out of the attack I left work and phoned the doctor to make an emergency appointment, as I knew my chest hadn't felt right for days and this was the icing on the cake. I spent the afternoon on a nebuliser, which if you've never had one before, could be really scary and I have been given steroid tablets to take.

What I want to say is ... If you suffer with asthma and at any point your chest feels worse than normal, and your preventative and alleviator inhaler are not working, go to the doctors! You are not wasting anyones time by doing this but you could save your life! Even if it's just a twinge get it checked! Don't be scared of a nebuliser, it won't hurt, it really helps breathing become easier as your lungs open up! I mean it can't be that bad if I took a selfie ;) excuse the appalling makeup I had been crying after all!

Sorry for such a dramatic post, I just really want everyone out there with asthma to know, I understand what your going through and if you feel different just be careful and get it checked! If you need me I am also here! 

Till tomorrow my lovelies!
BethanyLouise xx

Sunday, 10 May 2015

How To Make Blue Eyes Pop

Hi Everyone,

My Youtube video is now live... yay! This is my first tutorial so go easy on me hehe :) I really wanted to add some music to the background but if I did you couldn't hear me talking so I am sorry if it goes quiet in some areas.

Please check it out and let me know what you think :)

BethanyLouise xx

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review

Hi everyone,

I have been using this mascara for a couple of days now and I thought I would post my first impression/review on this product, and whether I think you should go out and buy it or not :)

I am going to start with the packaging. It comes in this rather pretty box that has statistics on the side of it. I feel like it is themed around the 70's. I love the actual packaging as well, the crisp black mascara tube with baby pink curly writing. Then the pink rubber lid/handle just fits the bill perfectly. Apparently the handle is supposed to look like a hair roller, but it definitely doesn't feel like one. As I mentioned it is rubber, which enables you to grip the wand perfectly and apply your mascara.

The statistics say:
  • 97% Said it visibly lifts lashes
  • 87% Said it gives long lasting curl
  • 94 % Said eyes look even more wide open
And then it says Bye Bye eyelash curler.

I do have to be totally honest and say it does what it says on the tin. It lifts the lashes and holds them there, even when you've had it on morning until night, and it definitely makes the eyes look wider. I also find my lashes look really long, with a bit of a false lash effect. Below you can see my eyelashes with no mascara on at all, and then underneath that is a photo of my lashes with two coats of Roller Lash on. They're much darker and appear a lot longer. I do have naturally curly lashes so I don't think it curls them massively, but it definitely does something to give them the wow factor.

I don't get any dark smudges underneath the eye or at the top of the eye with this, it just stays put. I also don't find it clumpy, even with 2 coats on which is a massive bonus as most mascaras start to turn on you after a couple of coats. The wand itself is a small plastic applicator, (which instantly makes my friends say ewww no and normally I would), that has small bristles on the underneath of the curve, that hook and curl your lashes. Then the top of the wand has long bristles to lengthen and darken your lashes. Please don't be put off because it has a plastic applicator, it is actually one of the best applicators I have used, I promise! I find it removes wonderfully. No dark patches left under or around the eye. It is nothing like Benefits They're Real, its actually the complete opposite. It just washes away.

All in all I would recommend this mascara to anyone and everyone (infact I already have hehe). It retails at £19.50, which is a little more expensive, however it is definitely worth the price. 

I will keep you all updated with how I am getting on with this mascara, and how long the tube lasts.

BethanyLouise xx

P.S: Sorry I didn't post yesterday, we ended up going out as a family and didn't get back until 11pm! How is day 10 of your May going? Don't forget to let me know :)

Friday, 8 May 2015

Soap & Glory and Benefit Roller Lash

Hi everyone,

Today I went for a little mini beauty shopping trip. I say mini because I didn't go overboard and buy loads but I bought enough new things to warrant you knowing and me to review :)

So I went to Boots for some Soap & Glory Hand Food as I have read so many rave reviews about it being the perfect hand moisturiser. I suffer really bad with dry hands, which inevitably makes my tan look shocking on my knuckles. I ended up coming away with a gift set called Soaper Heroes (don't you just love their quirky names), that cost me £13.50. It contains a Clean On Me shower gel 75ml, Flake Away exfoliant 50ml, Righteous Butter moisturiser 50ml, Girligo body mist 100ml and Hand Food 50ml..... See I did come away with what I wanted, just a few extras as well ;)

I also popped over to the Benefit counter and spoke to one of the Benebabes about their new mascara. Again I have heard so many good reviews it felt rude not to try it. My current mascara made by Loreal has been changed, I think they have made the formula a lot more sticky and watery so I am hoping the roller lash is better for me.

I love the packaging for the all these products. They're just so girly and pretty. The Roller Lash packaging has a ton of stats on... but I will save them for the review/first impressions.

I can not wait to try the hand food. My hands are crying for it already!  Its smells delicious... although they all do!

I will be posting reviews of these products individually rather than as groups, this is so I can go into more detail about them and what I love and/or hate.

Have you guys tried any of these? If so let me know what you think in the comments :)

BethanyLouise xx

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Wow! Thank you!

Hi everyone,

This is a thank you post! I can not believe that my blog has had 275 views in a day! Wow! I have never had so many! 

I really hope you have enjoyed all the posts so far and continue to enjoy my posts!

Again thank you! You guys mean so much :)

BethanyLouise xx

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Smashbox Always Sharp Lipliner Review

Hi Everyone,

How is everybody getting on today? I hope your still challenging yourself and making May your month! :)

I thought I would review Smashboxs always sharp lipliner today as I have been wearing it more and more recently.

Firstly the packaging is great... it is simple but effective! I find the silver writing stands off the violet background, ensuring you can see the name and twist instruction well. The lid has an inbuilt sharpener. When you twist the lid past its tightest, and you hear a little click, the pencil is sharpened to a point. I do love this feature, as when I am out and about I can still have a sharp lip pencil, however it has its drawbacks. Sometimes I twist the lid too far by accident and then I feel like I have wasted some pencil but you can't have it all.

The colour of this product is true to its name. Violet. I find the colour really rich and deep. It makes the perfect statement lippy! I also find the product really creamy to apply even though it is matte. I never find my lips are dry with it. I find it lasts all morning on me and then I have to top it up when I have eaten, which is great for me as I am always drinking water and coffee. Below you can see a swatch of it on my hand.

All in all I really do love this product. I do use it as a full lip colour and shade my lips in with it as well, I just can't seem to find a lipstick this colour! Below you can see a photo of it worn as a statement lipstick with my glasses. This is my usual look for work :)

I hope you have liked this review. I haven't been using this product for a long time but I just wanted to share my current thoughts with you :)

Remember to let me know in the comments how your May is going, and if you have any questions or requests pop them in there too.

Bethany Louise xx