Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ikea Malm Series and Bedroom Layout

Hi Everyone,

I know I said I was going to post every Wednesday afternoon, however I didn't post this week and there is a  good reason for that. I was sorting my bedroom out. I literally had a few finishing touches to purchase to make it complete, so I went shopping and bought everything and I spent Thursday and Friday arranging and building it.

I bought it all in stages so it has taken me a full year to buy everything I own. I wish I could afford to buy it all at once, but furniture isn't cheap and I still have to buy new makeup and clothes hehe :)

The first photo shows my bed and bedding. The white bed frame and draws are the Malm Set from Ikea. I think it cost me £410 for the bed frame, all 4 under bed draws and the double mattress. The bedding is from Matalan, it is a bed in a bag (it includes double duvet cover, 2 pillow cases and the throw) and that was £20. I then bought the Mint Green/teal sheet and two pillow cases for £15, again from Matalan.

My dressing table is the Malm Dresser from Ikea and it cost me £95 and I love it! The draw space is great (I will do another blog post on my makeup collection as there is a lot to go through and at this moment in time it isn't very organised), and I love the smooth glass top that comes with it. I have 3 tea light candles on my dresser in front of my mirror to add a pop of colour.

My make-up brushes are in this clear acrylic brush holder, along with any makeup tools I could need. I love this as it has 3 compartments at the top which works for foundation brushes, eye brushes and then bronze and blush brushes. The front 3 have my betty boop mirror (which I use as a metal plate for my foundation), tweezers, nail clippers, primer and my powder sponge. I came across this in TK Maxx and it cost me around £6-£7 ( I bought more than one thing that day).

Next up is my lamp. That's right... it's a lamp. I love love love this! It's so classy and looks so cosy when it is on. It looks like little tea lights. I bought this from Argos and it cost me £39.99 (a little expensive for a lamp but I just fell in love) I feel like it looks so good at the side of my crazy wallpaper and it has a dimmer switch which is perfect for on a night.

My mirror is from Argos and it cost me £40 or around that price. I love this because it has two fold in sides and it's great at reflecting the light from behind onto my face. I know it seems like a peculiar place to put a mirror with the lighting behind, however I can't put it in front of my window as there is a radiator there... but this set up does work for me :)

I really like the contrast of the white dresser against my Pink and Green wallpaper.. which was from The Range maybe 3 years ago.

The rest of my walls are a dusky pink colour... I didn't want them crisp white as I feel it would look a little insipid and my furniture wouldn't stand off very well. I chose a black pole for my green curtains to go on as white seemed to look cheap (I don't know why). My curtains are from The Range and I can't remember how much they are as I have had them 3 years now! I do know that they still sell them though because I walked past them the other day :)

The following 2 photographs are my canvases. I got the Marilyn Monroe one from The Range in the sale at £5... I fell in love and it just fit perfectly with my curtain poles! I got the New York one from Asda Living at £5 again (I love a good bargain) and it was the perfect size to fit on the little, (I want to say chimney breast bit), of my bedroom :)

My clear chair is from Ikea, ( I bought it last night), and its called Tobias. It cost me £65 but its just so perfect. The pear cushion is from Ikea as well. The cover cost £3 (I all ready had the cushion to put inside)... How cute is the cushion though! I just love it!

The 3 main cushions on my bed are just to add a bit of homeliness to my room. The 2 matching Teal cushions were £7 each from Tesco. The green frilly one is from Matalan and I can't remember how much it cost ( I bought it a while ago).

The multicoloured, vintage England cushion is from Dunelm Mill and cost around £5-£8. I love the pop of colour and the pastel throw.

My windowsill has 3 ornaments on. A Buddha in the middle (It is glitzy as well) and 2 Betty Boop ornaments.. My mum and dad bought me them when I was younger so I couldn't tell you how much they cost. I am still in love with them though :)

My light fitting is from Wilko! I never thought of Wilko for a light at all... and then when I was having a little mooch I found it... £30 for this! I personally thought it would be rude not to buy it! It matches my canvases and curtain pole and just adds a bit of a vintage edge to my room :)

As I say it has taken me a year to finish my room completely but I have been buying bits and bobs for the past 3 years to get it to where it is today :) I hope you like my room as much as I do :)

Remember a tidy room is a tidy mind :)

BethanyLouise xx

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