Sunday, 10 May 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review

Hi everyone,

I have been using this mascara for a couple of days now and I thought I would post my first impression/review on this product, and whether I think you should go out and buy it or not :)

I am going to start with the packaging. It comes in this rather pretty box that has statistics on the side of it. I feel like it is themed around the 70's. I love the actual packaging as well, the crisp black mascara tube with baby pink curly writing. Then the pink rubber lid/handle just fits the bill perfectly. Apparently the handle is supposed to look like a hair roller, but it definitely doesn't feel like one. As I mentioned it is rubber, which enables you to grip the wand perfectly and apply your mascara.

The statistics say:
  • 97% Said it visibly lifts lashes
  • 87% Said it gives long lasting curl
  • 94 % Said eyes look even more wide open
And then it says Bye Bye eyelash curler.

I do have to be totally honest and say it does what it says on the tin. It lifts the lashes and holds them there, even when you've had it on morning until night, and it definitely makes the eyes look wider. I also find my lashes look really long, with a bit of a false lash effect. Below you can see my eyelashes with no mascara on at all, and then underneath that is a photo of my lashes with two coats of Roller Lash on. They're much darker and appear a lot longer. I do have naturally curly lashes so I don't think it curls them massively, but it definitely does something to give them the wow factor.

I don't get any dark smudges underneath the eye or at the top of the eye with this, it just stays put. I also don't find it clumpy, even with 2 coats on which is a massive bonus as most mascaras start to turn on you after a couple of coats. The wand itself is a small plastic applicator, (which instantly makes my friends say ewww no and normally I would), that has small bristles on the underneath of the curve, that hook and curl your lashes. Then the top of the wand has long bristles to lengthen and darken your lashes. Please don't be put off because it has a plastic applicator, it is actually one of the best applicators I have used, I promise! I find it removes wonderfully. No dark patches left under or around the eye. It is nothing like Benefits They're Real, its actually the complete opposite. It just washes away.

All in all I would recommend this mascara to anyone and everyone (infact I already have hehe). It retails at £19.50, which is a little more expensive, however it is definitely worth the price. 

I will keep you all updated with how I am getting on with this mascara, and how long the tube lasts.

BethanyLouise xx

P.S: Sorry I didn't post yesterday, we ended up going out as a family and didn't get back until 11pm! How is day 10 of your May going? Don't forget to let me know :)

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