Saturday, 23 May 2015

Youtube Ideas

Hi Everyone,

So today in the UK it has been a really lovely sunny day and it has really inspired me. I don't know if it's the vitamin D or the beautiful flowers in the back garden, but my brain is going crazy!

I have been thinking about my Youtube channel pretty much all day. I have filmed some chatty videos this week, which I really enjoyed doing. It got me thinking..... Maybe I should upload twice a week? One video will be a tutorial/review and the other a tag or just a general chit chat video. What do you think?

Also please let me know in the comments if you like the sound of the following idea...... To do tutorials based on Disney Characters. Sort of like a Disney series. Just the makeup looks of the main princesses, like Elsa, Belle, Ariel etc.

Please please please let me know what you think? And if you have any ideas of a tutorial you would like to see let me know :)

Bethany Louise xx

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